This previous version of converted the site to WordPress, which gives is more latitude for designs and more control over search engine optimization.

Back in the day, there used to be these web configurations called “Web-rings”, and if you joined you could hop from one related website to another, and that helped a great deal to get some traffic!

It didn’t seem very long after we’d launched the site that we won an award, this one for Scottish Names Research. I wasn’t sure quite how we’d won it, but I was willing to take it! (I think it was something to do with the web-ring.)

We’ve had the same 123guestbook service from the beginning and now we’re up to 15 pages and 216 messages from people around the world interested in our family name. YOU could be # 217 — leave us a message!

The idea for actually started with an awakening interest in finding out more about my own immediate family.

In my mid-forties, I finally realized that the older folks in my family had gone through similar experiences and trials as I was going through and I suddenly wanted to know more about them as people, not just as grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

About the same time, I ran across a free trial of a Mac-based genealogy program called Reunion and started recording what I was learning there. The more I learned, the more people ended up in my program.

At some point, I’d learned enough about the Cadzow name that I thought I might share it on this new thing called the Internet and in 1997 I built the first rudimentary Cadzow history website with a long-gone web program called Adobe Homepage.

The site was pretty popular as illustrated by the number of people who engaged pretty quickly on the guestbook, and by the quick and friendly responses of other Cadzows around the world.

A few milestones:

  • 2004-May-31: The first major update to the site.
  • 2007-Oct-18: Formaly adopted the domain name to
  • 2016-Jun-11: Converted site to a WordPress-based theme.
  • 2022-Dec-25: Updated to a new, more maintainable theme and migrated to a new hosting service (Laughing Squid) and a faster server.

There seems to be more and more happening in the world of Cadzows and I hope to keep updating the content on this new re-formatted site.

Who am I?

I was born in Scotland, grew up in Canada, and followed a job to the USA in the mid-’90s. Now I’m back in Canada and call Nova Scotia home.

I’ve worked in public relations, employee relations, marketing communications, project and account management, tech writing, customer service, and now as a content strategist.  I’ve been a photographer, movie-maker, Apple Store dude, and a website builder. A lot of these disciplines come in handy when you’re trying to run a website!

Thanks to all of you (all my new Cadzow friends) who have taken interest and taken the time to make contact.