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Robyn Cadzow


When I first found Robyn Cadzow of Australia when she, with her father and brother, was busy reclaiming one bit of the Australian desert at a time to reverse years of human impact on the environment.

Robyn runs a 624-thousand acre ranch, or station, in the Northwest Territory of Australia where 60 percent of the land is rangeland.  She says her passion is helping to care for the arid rangelands of central Australia.  She says she’s a little bit ‘khaki’, and also a little bit ‘greenie (conservationist)’ and a little bit ‘brown (pastoralist)’.  The sustainability of pastoral industry (as well as the conservation of the natural resource) requires the maintenance of perennial (and annual), palatable and productive plants to flourish.

She’s recently left her government department role as Rangeland Monitoring Officer to start a private business in land management.

“Since deciding to start my own land management business, I see the most challenging aspect will be dealing with the NT Government Department I have just left. I am also studying for my Masters degree, so will need to be very focussed if I am to complete this study as well as work a new business.

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