Melissa Cadzow

Cadzow Castle

Cadzow Castle sits on top of a escarpment just outside Hamilton and down a path from Chatelherault.  

Donald Cadzow, Arctic explorer: 1894-1960

Donald A. Cadzow, the son of Hugh and Nellie Cadzow and the grandson of Scottish immigrants who immigrated to southern Ontario in the late...

Juliet Cadzow

Juliet Cadzow is a Scottish-born actress, well-known in Britain. A Google search of Juliet Cadzow will yield...

Derek Cadzow

The first Cadzow record

The armorial insignia of the city of Glasgow contains the earliest reference to Cadzow that we have found so far. 

The coming of the Hamiltons

"What of the Cadzow family? Seven centuries separates them from their disastrous choice of the losing side."By Ian Hamilton, Q.C.Reprinted with permissions...

Surnames in Scotland

Clans | Tartans | Surnames To put the origins of the surname Cadzow in some context, it is helpful to understand how the...

Hugh Cadzow

Hugh Cadzow, lives in Pennsylvania, USA, and loves to participate in WW2 re-enactment groups and has been to the Alexandria Highland games where his daughters...

Cadzow website primer

"What of the Cadzow family? Seven centuries separates them from their disastrous choice of the losing side."-...

Finding the ‘lost’ village of Cadzow

(From the BBC (March 10, 2016) and Transport Scotland sources) Motorway construction workers have unearthed archaeological artifacts that experts believe may be from a lost medieval...




Shane Cadzow

Hugh Cadzow


David Cadzow

David Cadzow is a professional Architectural & Interior photographer in Scotland, one-half of the team at Cadzow/Pelosi with Joseph Pelosi founded Cadzow Pelosi.  Although they worked...

Jane Cadzow

The first Cadzow record


Jane Cadzow

Jane Cadzow is a long-time writer for Good Weekend, a weekend feature of the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia (Herald FB page here). She recently wrote a...

Cadzow: a short history

The Cadzow family is one of the most ancient names of Scotland and Europe. Cadzow comes from the Gaelic word 'Cadihou', a...