Juliet Cadzow

julietcJuliet Cadzow is a well-known Scottish actress in Britain. A Google search of Juliet Cadzow will yield many web sites cataloging her appearances —  here is one of them.

Among many other credits, she was the voice of the Ice Governess in the Dr. Who 2012 Christmas television episode, the Snowmen.  Her first professional booking was with Billy Connolly on the ‘The Great Northern Welly Boot Show’.  She has performed everywhere from the tiniest community centre to Edinburghs Festival Theatre.

And, as it turns out, she is the aunt of another Cadzow that we’ve profiled on this website, Charlotte Cadzow, who describes Juliet in a Herald story as being like a fairy godmother.

In addition, here’s a few videos of Juliet, the first is a short film which was the Innis & Gunn Short Film Entry in 2014:


And a couple of others for fun…