The worldwide family of Cadzow

The Cadzow family bears one of the most ancient names in Scotland and in Europe. This web site shares the information we have found out about the history of this family, and serves as a collection point for new information from those around the world who bear this name.


To get started, read some background information on the origins of surnames and the clan system in Scotland.

Next, explore the earliest references to the name Cadzow. Sixth century Cadzow lore is found in the Glasgow coat of arms. There are various recorded references throughout the last millenium. And, find out how Cadzows came to be an associated family of Clan Hamilton, following their acquisition of the Barony of Cadzow in the 13th century. There are many Cadzows around the world today, and we present links to their personal web pages or to family information they have provided.

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My thanks to everyone who has contacted me since the site was established, either with new information or just a friendly greeting. Your contributions and ideas will help me build our knowledge of Cadzow lore, and this web site. Please continue to contribute and make contact with our world-wide family!

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